Montessori at home

Montessori education is most commonly associated with Montessori schools, but it's not limited to those four walls. Anyone – parents, caregivers, educators – can make a Montessori environment at home.

✨ Why is Montessori learning important for your child?

#1 Encourages independence and self-motivation

#2 Develops critical thinking skills & fine motor skills

#3 Improves social skills & emotional development

#4 Enhances creativity and imagination

#5 Encourages problem-solving


✨ Steps to create an easy, simple Montessori setting at home

1. Using child sized furniture 

Toys and activities should be positioned at the child's eye level on accessible shelves, fostering independence as they can easily select and tidy up their items.

2. Decluttering

Utilising baskets for storage promotes organisation and encourages children to independently access and tidy their toys. Children also develop important sorting skills while maintaining a clutter-free and inviting space for exploration and learning.

3. Mix In a variety of activities

Offering various activities like sensory play, art, and puzzles sparks children's curiosity and supports their overall development.

4. Make it cosy

 Create a cosy atmosphere with soft rugs, cushions, and low lighting, encouraging children to engage in focused and relaxed play. This inviting environment promotes a positive learning experience and supports the development of independence and creativity.

5. Use of Mirrors

Strategically placing mirrors enhances self- awareness and exploration, allowing children to observe their actions and movements. Mirrors also aid in developing spatial awareness.

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