Colour Palettes for a Baby Girl Nursery

Nurseries for a newborn baby girl don't always necessarily have to be pink centric. Here's a short blog post on our recommendations for an earthen & terracotta palette!  

✨ Why choose Terracotta? 

#1 Earthy tones for a modern, bohemian vibe.

#2 Complements pastels and wooden/white furniture. 

#3 Versatile palette for transitioning to a toddler's room.

#4 Creates a tranquil atmosphere for nursery or playroom.

#5 Allows for stylish additions like jute/cane décor, rainbows, llamas, or safari animals. Elevate your nursery with Terracotta today!



✨ Importance of a Warm Colour Scheme 

When planning a nursery, it is vitally important to choose a colour scheme that provides the right balance of stimulation and relaxation for your baby within the chosen space.

Since children are already exposed to several other stimuli and sensory changes, and are mostly surrounded with brightly coloured toys, selecting a colour scheme is vital and can contribute to learning and avoid over-stimulation for your baby.


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