Benefits of Cot Mobiles for Babies

From deciding on whether to buy a bassinet or a cot for your little one, to the décor to include, there's a lot of thought process that goes into creating a nursery space that’s beautiful, welcoming and comfortable for your new bundle of joy to sleep & stay in.

✨ Importance of Cot Mobiles

Cot Mobiles aren't only decorative pieces designed for a nursery space. Instead, mobiles are interestingly designed to entice newborns to focus on colours and shapes, promoting their mental & visual development.



✨ The Benefits of Using Cot Mobiles

#1 Motor Skill Development 

Choosing to hang a mobile over your baby's crib helps enhance motor skill development over time. When placed at a safe distance, the movement of the mobile toys help your little one build hand-eye coordination, understand distances as well as gain spatial awareness as they continuously look towards the moving toys. 

Did you know?
In the first 3 months, babies can focus on objects that are 8 to 11 inches away, hence making cot mobiles a must have in the nursery!


#2 Visual Stimulation 

Another beneficial use of a baby crib mobile is the extensive use of colour on the mobile toys. Since your little one spends most of their time within the nursery, choosing a mobile with brighter hues and soothing palettes enhances visual stimulation. 

P.S. a black & white cot mobile makes a perfect option to start with because a newborn's colour perception is limited to white, black and shades of grey. Hence, high contrasting black & white patterns and toys stand out, attracting most of their attention. 

#3 Musical Mobiles are Soothing

An added advantage to baby crib mobiles are musical boxes which play soothing tunes & lullabies, stimulating their sense of hearing. The colours & movement of the mobile toys can provide a distraction from external things happening around the baby, helping them relax & drift off to sleep. In addition to this, once your little one becomes accustomed to hearing the same tune, it can also help develop a bedtime routine.

#4 Brain Development

A good musical mobile also helps nurture growth & brain development of a newborn. As the baby continuously looks towards the mobile, he/she tends to follow the movement of the toys, which indirectly teaches them that the mobile will move once the music starts playing.



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