Get Christmas ready with us!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year so let's get festive ready with all those stocking stuffers, holiday ornaments and more!  Read up our new post on how to do up your living rooms, homes or even baby's nursery with our exclusive handmade décor options! 

#1 Add a magical touch with your Christmas Tree

Choose a quiet corner within your homes to help you start setting up for Christmas this season! An easy option would be to pick an empty little corner in your hall or living room. You could add in a make-do fireplace just like we did! 


#2 Do up a cozy set up in your baby's room

Alternatively you could set up the tree in your baby's room alongside their crib. (only if there's enough space to breathe in there!) 


#3 Pick from our different ornament categories

Add to your homes this season with our adorable handmade ornament hangings. Choose between our folk art inspired baubles, 3D baubles or hand-stitched felt hangings. Each of these can be personalised to liking.  

P.S. these ornaments are kid friendly, and make a great DIY decorating activity for all your little ones this holiday season! 


#4 Personalise a stocking for a loved one

 Pick between our exclusive handmade stockings that are intricately detailed with applique and can be easily hung by the fireplace, in your halls or near your little one's crib. These stockings are large enough to hold all those adorable goodies for your little ones. 

P.S. you don't always need to fill in your stockings with Christmas goodies! These can be filled with almost anything and are super easy to maintain and clean too. 

#5 Use our satin sacks to store Christmas goodies

Make Christmas all the more fun with our sacks that are large enough to hold a number of items, suitable to pack gifts for kids or merely used to create a festive atmosphere around your Christmas Tree. 

Hurry! celebrate this holiday season with a side of us.