Ways on How to Renovate your Baby's Nursery

Renovating your baby's nursery can be both, a rewarding as well as a taxing experience to put together! But don't worry, we've got you a list of things to get you going. 




#1 Get specific with a theme or colour palette

Choose a theme or a specified colour palette. Decide on a theme that you and your baby will love. You can go for something traditional, such as a nautical or woodland theme, or something more modern like a safari or rainforest.

#2 Add interest to the walls around 

Think about different ways to add some interest and personality to the room. These can include toxin free paint, wallpapers or wall decal stickers. Make sure to choose the desired colour or theme in accordance the palette of the other things around. If you’re not into themes as such, going for neutral hues such as pale grey, yellow or beige is always a safe option.


Think about how to change things within bigger pieces of furniture or items like your baby's crib

Another way to change around things in the nursery can be to co-ordinate your baby's crib bedding set to the chosen colour palette of the walls. Apart from this, you can also add interest and an element of fun to the cabinets, dressers, mirrors and wardrobes using small wall decal stickers which are super easy to use, and are toxin free too!  


#4 Increase functionality within the nursery space

Apart from wall and interior changes, choose some fun and functional storage solutions to keep the room tidy. You can opt for handmade storage baskets that come in different shapes and sizes, serving different purposes within the nursery - baskets for wardrobe organization, toy storage, baby laundry, etc. 

P.S. you can choose to organize essentials in the bathroom too! 


#5 Use wall space to organize and decorate

Choose to install wall-mounted shelves within the nursery to help you organize and store books, toys, keepsakes and other items. 2Floating and ledge shelves with front-facing designs are beneficial as they provide visibility to the items stored, and can be aligned vertically to further enhance the wall and save space. 


P.S. you can also decorate the shelves with colorful baskets, stuffed animals, and other decorative items.

#6 Add some texture and fun

Choose a few décor accents like a lamp, plant, or stuffed animals to display in a selected corner in your nursery. You can also add in a cozy rug to the floor for extra warmth and comfort. 


#7 Have fun with the process!

Above all, it's extremely important you have fun with the process of renovating and re-doing things in your baby's room or nursery. This is a special room you’re creating for your baby, so take the time to make it as perfect as you want it to be.