Nursery Shelving Ideas

Building your child's nursery isn't only about putting up soothing decor and choosing the perfect theme for your baby - it's also about all the things inside the nursery. Thus, it's important to appropriately balance book storage and keepsake display with the use of simple wall shelves.  


 Importance of Storage Space

Organization is beautiful! Hence, make sure you have lots of available functional storage space around the nursery so you have easy places to put things away when you're done using them, instead of leaving them scattered on the floor or around the room. 


 Dedicating Space: Using Nursery Walls for Shelves

1. How: An empty wall or the wall above your baby's crib is an ideal place to put up some shelves. 

2. What: Nursery shelving can be decorated with stuffed animals, books, personalized decor or a bunch of toddler things such as pictorial frames, collectibles and other memorable keepsakes. On the other hand, placing wall shelves near your changing table or crib can be used to store essentials like lotions, thermometers, nail clippers, and so on.

3. Why: All our shelves are handmade exclusively for your little one! They not only come in cute shapes and sizes that add a whimsical touch to the room, but also, are extremely compact and easy to mount onto the nursery wall.   

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Pro Tip: choose items that color coordinate with your nursery or kid's room.  

 Organizing Books in the Nursery

As infants grow into toddlers, their minds are evolving and they actively look out for different things to be engaged in. Introducing them to pictorial books is a great way to start image recognition and stimulate creative thinking. Thus, shelves are always a good idea to efficiently store books, especially when transitioning from a nursery to a room for your toddler.


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Pro Tip: always arrange shelves vertically, increasing ease of access for your child.


 Using Shelves as Wall Decor

Another great aspect of our variety of shelves is that a few of them can easily be used as stand alone showpieces to enhance your little one's space thereby being used as nursery wall decor instead of for storage or safe keeping.

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