Pretend Play Campfire for Kids

Be it outdoors or indoors, play is a key aspect towards a child's well-being. However, the worldwide pandemic has resulted in the closure of parks and schools, increasing the fear associated with being in public spaces, especially with our younger ones. Thus, engaging our children within active spaces and introducing them to newer and fun activities in our homes in essential. 

 Are You Quarantined With Toddlers?

Since children are most certainly unable to go on play dates, or  their regular strolls and bike rides out in the open, it would be mindful to bring-in the outdoors and fulfill their playtime adventures at home itself. Don't worry, we've got you covered. Choose to add a little excitement to your child’s bedroom with one of our brand new Teepee Tents that greatly contribute towards imaginative play and quality learning.  

 Teepee Tents and Their Importance 

Teepee Tent is a simple solution to letting children experience outdoor activities through imagination and pretend & play. These tents are easily adaptable for all ages, from young children such as toddlers to slightly older children who want a quiet space to read or play. 

 Imaginative Play : How to Set Up a Campfire 

Kids are filled with creative thoughts and imagination: they can make-believe and assume that that their little tent is actually a castle or a fortress, with a lot more to explore inside. This article shows you a step-by-step process on how to create an easy yet adventurous Campfire Set Up using our exclusive Teepee Tents that come in three colour options. 

Step 01: Choose a Location

Look for a good spot Indoors – somewhere near the balcony or a large window, so there is ample amount of sunlight and fresh air. Alternatively, you could consider; 

  • your backyard
  • your apartment / society garden
  • your terrace

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Step 02: Put Up The Tent

Use our easy-to-assemble Teepee Installation Guide to help you get your tent ready in no time. 

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Step 03: Decorate The Tent

Be super imaginative and collect things around your house which will help enhance the space for your little one. Remember: a campfire has to look as well as feel adventurous and exciting!

Step 04: Create Your Campfire

Next, indulge in creating a DIY campfire setup that involves both you and your children, and is a great way to indulge them in art & craft activities. Start by looking for things around your house, and gather the following list of items. 

Step 05: Plan Some Fun Activities

Think about interesting ways to engage your child during pretend play. A favourite in-house activity for children is definitely a Scavenger Hunt!

Pro Tip: include a flashlight, piece of rope, pretend log, paper leaves, marshmallow stick , animal paw prints (paper cut - outs) and some furry friends!

Step 06: Get Creative With Snacking

Involving children in extended hours of play and activity is definitely going to get them hungry.

Pro Tip: think about easy snacks or items they can assemble themselves.


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