How To Set Up a DIY Teepee Tea Party

Indoors or outdoors, get your little one to invite all their furry friends and throw their very own tea party at home with our range of pretend and play Teepee Tents that are sure to take them into a world filled with awe and wonder.

 Importance of Imaginative Play

Children benefit from all forms of play where they're able to use their imagination and get creative. Organizing a Tea Party involves activities like hosting guests, preparing and serving snacks, playing games and being together as a group. Pretend play gives children the ability to improve their language and sensory skills by talking, listening and expressing emotions.


 Our Teepee Tents

Promoting outdoor play is an essential way to ensure your children are maintaining the right levels of physical activity. Choose to transform your baby's nursery into an imaginative space with our easy to assemble Teepee Tents that come with anti-slip mats making them all the more safer for your little one. 

 Imaginative Play : TeePee Tea Party

Kids are filled with creative thoughts and imagination: they can make-believe and assume that that their little tent is actually a castle or a fortress, with a lot more to explore inside. This article shows you a step-by-step process on how to create an easy yet adventurous Campfire Set Up using our exclusive Teepee Tents that come in three colour options. 

Step 01: Plan and Send Invites

Let your child make a list of who they want at their tea party. P.S. this includes all their furry friends in the nursery. Once the list is ready, make a few DIY invitations.

Pro Tip: use theme centric shapes and a lot of colour for the invites.  

Step 02: Choose a Location

The weather is quite pleasant to be hosting a Tea Party in your garden or backyard, so choose a shaded spot with ample amount of sunlight.

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Alternatively, you could consider an indoor set-up in your child's nursery or in your living room space.


Step 03: Set Up The Tea Party

A tea party is one fun occasion where table set ups really do matter. Use an old trunk, covered with a soft cotton bed sheet to make the perfect DIY table for your kids!


Nursery Activities |  Pretend & Play |  Teepee Tent Set Up 

Pro Tip:  you can also create your table set up using old cardboard boxes or pillows, covered with a sheet.


Step 04: Decorating the Space

Get as creative as you can - being an outdoor set up, choose to cutely decorate the tent and its surroundings with picnic baskets, mats, beautiful vintage crockery, stuffed toys and buntings. 

Step 05: Plan Some Fun Activities

Play dough helps develop motor skills and is perfect for strengthening the muscles in little hands. It is also the best form of creative imagination,

Pro Tip: include other materials like felt sheets, beads and buttons to enhance creativity


Step 06: Get Creative With Snacking

A Tea Party is all about fun and creative ways of snacking, so why not organize items which are easy to assemble.

Pro Tip:  it's always a good idea to have ingredients laid out so children can get creative and make their own creations.



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