Must Have Nursery Storage Essentials

However exciting expecting a newborn may be, it's important to know that your little human is going to have a lot of things ~ from diapering to feeding to clothes and toys, infants need a lot of products in their space, which can at times be challenging especially if you do not have an entire space dedicated towards their nursery. 

✨ Importance of Storage Space

Organisation is beautiful! Hence, one thing you can do is prepare to create an organised baby room, which will not only look tidier and satisfying, but it will also make sure that everything is in its right place, making life with a newborn much more easier and efficient. 


✨ Ways To Organise Toys in the Nursery

#1 How: Declutter, Donate and Dispose

De-clutter your nursery space by removing or donating toys that are no longer age appropriate or are worn out. Then, choose a corner within the nursery to keep bins or baskets.

#2 What: Opt for our soft yet sturdy range of hand embellished Grey Cotton Rope Storage baskets come in two convenient sizes, are super durable, hold their shape well and can be folded too.

#3 Why: Choosing to organize space within the nursery not only makes it look cleaner, but it also shows your toddlers how things need to always be kept back in place, imbibing good habits and responsibility.

Tip: Dedicate an empty area of a closet or an extra room where you can store all the extra toys that can be rotated every 2 to 3 weeks.




✨ Importance of Toy Storage

#1 Toys are much more accessible when kept in a tidy and organised manner.

#2 Using large storage bins or baskets come with multi-purpose uses. 

#3 Placing them on the nursery floor makes it convenient and easy for crawling infants or toddlers to pick what they want. 

#3 Effective organisation allows you to rotate toys so that your child engages in different activities over time over the year.

#4 You can categorise toys using a variety of storage bins, making it all the more fun to pick out and identify things. 

Pro Tip: choose to personalise your bins and baskets with your baby's name as well as categorical names like "TOYS" or "LAUNDRY" 


✨ Ways To Organise Clothes in the Nursery

As infants grow into toddlers, their minds are evolving and they actively look out for different things to be engaged in. Introducing them to pictorial books is a great way to start image recognition and stimulate creative thinking. Thus, shelves are always a good idea to efficiently store books, especially when transitioning from a nursery to a room for your toddler.


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✨ Importance of Organising Baby Clothes

#1 Using storage baskets to help organise baby clothes as per category and size saves time. For example, dedicate separate bins or baskets within the wardrobe towards short-sleeved clothing, full-sleeved onesies, dresses, and so on.  

#2 Using separate bins or baskets to store other daily essentials in the wardrobe such as bibs, napkins and socks is efficient and makes sure things are always in their right place when needed.  

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