Selecting a Colour Palette for Your Nursery

The use of colour plays a vitally important role in the world we live, and is one of the most powerful forms of communication. When it comes to interior spaces within the home, such as designing a nursery for your little one, the distinctive choice of colour helps enhance the way your child feels, and what he/she experiences within the designated space.

✨ Importance of Colour

Creating a new environment for a child can be tricky and hence, it’s important to use muted tones and monochromatic colour schemes which are visually calming and can instantly uplift a child’s mood. Choosing cooler tones not only make the space less distracting, but also allow your child to be more alert, improving their memory and attention span during their initial months of growth and development. 


✨ How to Select a Colour Scheme

When planning a nursery, it is vitally important to choose a colour scheme that provides the right balance of stimulation and relaxation for your baby within the chosen space.

Since children are already exposed to several other stimuli and sensory changes, and are mostly surrounded with brightly coloured toys, selecting a colour scheme is vital and can contribute to learning and avoid over-stimulation for your baby.

#1 Monochrome Colour Scheme: research shows that for the first few months, babies can primarily see shades of black, grey and white. Thus, using a monochromatic palette can; 

a) boost attention span

b) improve memory

c) aid in visual stimulation and nervous system development

#2 Pastel Colour Scheme: using pastel and muted colours like mint green, yellow, beige, pinks or subdued blues juxtaposed with contrasting shapes and accent colours can create a perfect and harmonious space for your little one.

✨ Factors to Consider before Choosing a Colour Scheme

#1 Space: Always consider the availability of space within the nursery - using darker colours can make the room appear smaller whereas a lighter colour scheme not only creates a relaxing atmosphere to play and sleep in, but also makes the space appear bigger, giving your baby more room to move around.

#2 Natural Light: Another important factor to consider when decorating your baby's nursery space is the amount of natural light - if the source of natural light coming in through windows are less, choose to use bright and light colours within the nursery. 

#3 Accent Colours: Choose bolder colours such as red, coral, purple or turqoise to brighten up a certain section of the nursery, or to make it appear bigger and brighter. 

Pro Tip: Always make sure you choose a color palette according to the space and light available. 


✨ Creating Theme Oriented Nurseries

Apart from choosing the right colours for your baby's nursery, you could also alternatively look at thematic options to help decorate and enhance the space. A few common themes that could be appealing to children, and are gender neutral are outer space, jungle animals or hot air balloons. Choosing a theme oriented approach not only makes the nursery much more well thought out and planned, but also adds an adorable and playful touch for your little one. 



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