Our Guide to Nursery Wall Decor

Setting up your child's nursery is a journey that starts mid-way into your pregnancy stage because there is so much you need to get done.  A baby's initial years are all about looking around and getting to know their surroundings. Hence, walls are of utmost importance: be it white or pastel colour accents, always choose to harmonise elements within the nursery. 

✨ Benefits of using Wallpapers 

Whether you know who's coming, you can choose to create a calm and composed atmosphere for your bundle of joy by selecting a gender neutral theme and opting for pastel colours surrounded by neutral elements. 

What is the easiest way to transform the look of your baby's space or nursery? 

1. Wallpapers are easy to install and can instantly transform the look of your child's nursery. 

2. They offer the best chemical-free decor.

3. They are child-safe and easy to clean.

4. They can be changed and re-done to refurbish the space over a given point of time. 

5. Wallpapers that come as vinyl stickers are durable and fuss-free. 

✨ Combining Wallpapers and Wall Decals

Another great step towards enhancing your little one's space is choosing to mix and match wall decals with wallpapers to help create a visually stimulating environment for your newborn.

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✨ Why Choose GWD Kids? 

#1 Why:  At GWD, we print each wallpaper on a made-to-order basis so that there is absolutely no wastage at either end. Choose to get yours in 3-simple-steps

share an image of the wall  >> receive a quote >> get your printed wallpaper

#2 What: Our main aim is to portray brightly coloured elements juxtaposed with muted backgrounds to aid visual stimulation and learning for infants at their initial growth stages. 

#3 How: We also provide installation services on request for all our little one's located in Mumbai. 


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P.S. we'd be happy to help you! Share an image of your nursery wall via e-mail at sonali@newlinegroup.in and we'll get back to you with a quote as well as a suggested theme or colour palette.